Windows Vista & Windows 7 users cannot access FarmBooks Help documentation

Users who are running FarmBooks on either Windows Vista or Windows 7 Operating System will find they cannot access the FarmBooks Help documentation.

When a user clicks on Help: Contents, they will receive a message stating they cannot view the Help program.

FarmBooks Help FarmBooks Help

Why this is happening

Microsoft stopped including the 32-bit Help file viewer in Windows releases beginning with Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.

How to fix it

Windows Vista and Windows 7 users will need to download and install Microsoft’s Help Menu System in order to view the FarmBooks help file. Click on the appropriate download link below to download.

Click here to determine your version of Windows (including Bit Count).

Windows 7 32-bit install Download
Windows 7 64-bit install Download
Windows Vista 32-bit install Download
Windows Vista 64-bit install Download

After you have downloaded the Help Menu System file, run the executable and you will then be able to view the FarmBooks help file.