FarmBooks Installation & Setup: Online Instructions for
Current MCFP Users Needing to Upgrade

This article is for MCFP users wishing to upgrade to FarmBooks 4.06.

Step I: Backup your MCFP database

1. Click on File: Backup.
Step 1

2. Select your Farm Database and click Next.
Step 2

3. Confirm your backup and then click Finish.
Step 3

4. After your backup has completed, click OK and then close out of MCFP.
Step 3

Step II: Upgrade to FarmBooks v4

1. Insert the FarmBooks installation CD into your computer’s CD or DVD player.

2. The FarmBooks install screen will load.
Step 2

Attention  Tip: If the installation screen does not load

  • Double-click My Computer on your Desktop.
  • Browse to your CD or DVD drive in the left pane of the window (it should now be named FARMBOOKSACCOUNTINGSOFTWARE) and double-click it.
  • It the launch screen does not load, double-click the file named AUTORUN.exe to begin the installation.

3. Click on the Install/Upgrade to FarmBooks 4.06 button.
Step 3

4. Click on the Next button to begin the upgrade.
Step 4

4a. Windows 7 users may see the screen below. If you do, click the Yes button to continue.
Step 4a

5. Click on the Next button to continue.
Step 5

6. Read the terms of the Software License Agreement. If you agree, select I accept the terms in the license agreement radio button and click Next.
Step 6

7. Enter Your Name and Company/Farm Name and then click Next.
Step 7

8. Confirm the installation location and click Next.
Step 8

9. Click Install to complete the upgrade.
Step 9

Step 9a: Windows 7 users may see the screen below. If you do, click either Anyone who uses this computer (all users) or Only for me to continue.
Step 9a

10. Once the upgrade is completed, click on the Finish button.
Step 10

11. Go to your Desktop and double-click the FarmBooks icon to open the program.
Step 11

12. Once FarmBooks is open, click File: Restore.
Step 12

13. The Restore from Backup Set screen will load.
Step 13

14. Click the checkbox for "Restore Control Folder" and then click the Browse button.
Step 14

15. Locate your backup file click Restore and then Next.
Step 15

16. Click Yes on the Warning screen.
Step 16

17. Select your farm and click Finish.
Step 17

18. Click OK after the restore is completed.
Step 18

19. Open your farm by clicking File: Open Farm.
Step 19

20. The Database Conversion window will appear. Click on the Finish button to convert.
Step 20

21. Click OK when completed.
Step 21

22. Click Utilities: Maintain Farm Registrations.
Step 22

23. Highlight your farm name and then click Edit.
Step 23

24. The Change Registration Number window will open.
Step 24

25. Enter your new registration number and click Finish.
Step 24

26. You are now ready to begin using FarmBooks 4.06