2023 Tax Table Updates Installation Instructions - FarmBooks 4.x Users

The instructions below will guide you through the installation of the Tax Table Updates if you need to save the update file on a thumbdrive and take it to another computer with FarmBooks to install.

This process will overwrite the existing tax table. The tax table will be copied from the "default" folder for the application. The values you defined for farm automobile, farm utility, and unemployment taxes will be saved and restored.

Step 1: Save setup file on thumbdrive/USB flash drive

Insert a thumbdrive/USB flash drive into the computer you will use to download the setup file and then use the following steps.

  • Download the setup file to the thumbdrive/USB flash drive by clicking on the Download Now button below and saving the file to you thumbdrive.
        Download Now
  • You now need to remove the thumbdrive and take it to the computer which has FarmBooks.
  • Once the thumbdrive is inserted the AutoPlay window will launch. Click on Open Folder to view files. If it does not launch find your thumbdrive within your computer and click on it.
  • Find 20nnTRsetup.exe on the drive and double click it.
  • Continue by going to Step 2 below.

Step 2: Install the Tax Table Update

1: When you see the Setup screen, click Next.
Step 1

2: If you see a window asking you if you want to install to the Farmbooks folder click Yes.
Step 2

3: Confirm the installation location and click Yes.
Step 3

5: Click Finish. At this point, you have the new tax table install on your local machine. .
Step 4

For Version or later use below:

6. Click Utilities: Update Tax Table
Step 1

For Version to

6. Click Year-End: Update Tax Table
Step 1

For Version 4.0.4.x or earlier use below:

6. Click Utilities: Update Tax Table
Step 1


7. The Update Tax Table Wizard will load. Select the "Have Already Installed from CD or Previous Download" radio button and click Next
Step 8

8. Choose a farm you want to apply an update to or select all farms and click Next
Step 9

9. Once completed, click OK and then Done
Step 10

10. FarmBooks is now updated with the 2023 Tax Rates.