Section 14: Checks

Check s - Menu Selections



New - Has the following two menu selections:

    Check (Ctrl-E) - Adds a new check)

    Check Detail Line (Ctrl-Ins) - Adds a new check detail line


Another way to perform these two actions is to right mouse click anywhere in the check window and select New Check or New Check Detail from the context menu.


Record - Saves the current check values or changes.  Ctl-A or Alt-C will also record a check.


Undo - When editing a check that has been saved, if you wish to discard the changes you made, click the undo button.  The check will revert to the previous values.  Alt-U will also undo the changes.


Delete - Has the following two menu selections:

    Check - Deletes the entire check.

    Check Detail Line (Ctrl+Del) - Deletes the currently selected check detail line.  An alternate way to perform this is to right mouse click in the check window and select:
         Delete Check & All Details or

         Delete Detail Line from the context menu.


Print - Opens the window to print checks.  See the check printing section for help on this option


Recall Last - If you are creating a new check/deposit, you may recall the detail lines from the last check/deposit for the entered payee/vendor.


Memorize - Use this option to capture all the detail lines entered for the check or deposit.  The next time you write a check or deposit for this vendor all the detail lines will automatically be added to the check or deposit.  This detail list may be maintained from the Setup menu: External Codes: Vendors and the press the Edit button to show all the detail fields for the vendor.  Press the ATIGD List button to edit the transition detail lines.  The list can be activated or deactivated to allow you to control if the list is included or not included when you write a new check or deposit.


Previous - moves to the previous check in the register. 


Next - moves to the next check in the register.