Import Data

FarmBooks has a data import wizard to import a previous year’s data from DOS MCFP.  You will select the source folder that contains your import data, specify whether you want to import additional year’s data or register a new farm.  If you are registering a new farm contact Sanders Software Consulting, Inc. for a valid registration number.  All transaction records will be stamped with the registration number.


It is highly recommended that you reconcile your bank statement before importing your data.  If you are importing additional year’s data, make a current backup of both the old and new program data. 

1)   After closing all farms, click File:Import.

2)   When the Data Import Wizard opens, click Next.

3)   Specify Import Details and Folder Location

You have two options when importing data:


Option 1: MCFP DOS Version 8.1 or greater
Option 2: Field Manager Corrections





Import MCFP DOS Version 8.1 or greater

Import Field Manager Corrections