Section 16: Invoices

Invoice Preferences

o Invoice Options - Set business remitter mailing information, important decision in the options section (collect sales tax, track income per line item (detail deposit or lump sum deposit), apply finance charge to statements, prompt on new item), starting numbers, default form and income ATIGD used for customer entry, and customize your default view settings for the invoice tab used during application startup.

o Forms - Customize column name or hide unwanted columns, include your business logo, or include footer and image text messages per form type (estimate, invoice,  credit memo, finance charge, and statement), archive printed forms if desired.

o Email Forms - Customize email message and decide whether you want to archive document per email form type.

o Payment Terms - Set due date days and any discount given within x days.

o Sales Tax Items - Setup tax rate, description, payment vendor, and ATIGD expense code for a single tax authority.

o Sales Tax Groups - Use if you need to report and pay tax amounts to several tax authorities (state, city, local) otherwise just use sales tax items if only one tax authority.

o Customers - Define bill-to / ship-to addresses, emails and contact information along with default payment terms, taxable status, sales tax or tax exempt number, credit limit and opening balances, preferred delivery method (mail or email) along with income ATIGD.

o Product and Service Items - Define Item / Short Description, Long Description is unlimited text, taxable indicator, unit quantity code, unit price (sale amount) and weight per Unit, along with a default income ATIGD.