Section 2: Farm Year Operations

New Fiscal Year

When you are ready to start a new fiscal year for your farm, choose this option and the wizard will step you through the process of creating a new year. 


It is highly recommend that you create a database backup before you create the new fiscal year.  This will allow you to do a restore and delete the new fiscal year from the utilities menu maintain registrations so that you may rerun the new fiscal year process.

1)   Click on File: New Fiscal Year.

2)   When the New Fiscal Year Wizard opens, click Next.

3)   Enter Fiscal Year and Farm Tax Information - Set the starting date for the new fiscal year.  You can also revise the Tax ID number. When completed, click Next.

4)   Enter Contact Information for Farm - revise the contact info if needed and click Next.

5)   Select Setup Codes to Copy for New Fiscal Year - If you wish to use the same external codes, enterprise codes and vendor memorized ATIGD list during the new fiscal year, select current farm, otherwise choose None.  You may choose to copy ALL codes or ACTIVE only codes to the new fiscal year.  When completed, click Next.

6)   Inventory and Budget Roll-Over Options - Choose to roll ending inventory entries from the current to the new year you are starting.   If you choose not to roll over the ending inventory then you must set up beginning inventory for the new fiscal year.  For budgets, you may choose to roll-over current budgets to the new fiscal year, use actual values as budget values, or not include any budgets in the new fiscal year.  Click Finish to complete the setup or Cancel to discard information and cancel the setup.