Section 2: Farm Year Operations

Payroll Calendar Year-End

This process sets up the calendar year so that employees may be created or maintained.  You may copy employees from the current calendar year to the new calendar year if desired.


NOTE: There are two prerequisites that must be completed before the new payroll calendar year may be created.  You must have installed the upcoming new calendar year tax table update and have created the new fiscal year.

1)   Click on File: Payroll Calendar Year-End.

2)   When the Payroll Calendar Year-End Wizard opens, click Next.

3)   Specify New Calendar Year and Employees to Copy - If you want to copy employees, you must have the current fiscal year open.  Only active employees without a termination date will be copied. Once completed, click Next.

4)   Specify Payroll Defaults for New Calendar Year - You have three options to choose from:

a.   Copy payroll defaults from a prior year

b.   Use the system defaults

c.   Manually enter your default codes for the new calendar year. 

If you use the system defaults, you may indicate which deductions are pre-tax.

5)   Once completed, click Finish.