Section 6: Balances

Receivables Balances

Enter individual receivables with a beginning balance and use an external code to identify each receivable. 

1)   To open the Receivable Balances window, click Balances: Receivables.  

2)   Click the Add button to enter a new receivable. 

3)   Click the External Code button for a list of Loan/Receivable codes.

4)   Click an external code in the list, and then click Apply to add the code to the receivable. 
If you want to use an external code not shown in the list, you can add it when the external code window is open.  Click the Add button in the external code window and enter the code number and Description.  Click the Add button again to save the new code.  Click the Close button to return to the external code list.   The new external code will appear in the list, and can be applied to the receivable as outlined above.




5)   When you return to the Receivables window, click the ATIG button.

6)   The Receivables ATIGs window will open.  Select the receivable type and click Apply.

7)   Finally, enter the receivable beginning amount as of the first day of the fiscal year, then click the Add button (or Alt-A) to save. 


Please note if the receivable was established any time after the first day of the fiscal year, you must enter “0” for the Beginning Balance. 


On the other hand, if you are entering a receivable which has a balance to be carried forward from the previous year, enter that amount and then click Add.